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A.Levesque #60 - Time

 The one thing you spend you can never get back.  Tonight, I'm thinking life is to short to worry, you realize this.  Turn your worry into prayer.  See how things manifest exactly the way they are intended. I didn't say the way you wanted, that is not really how this works.  There's a big plan you know nothing about and you don't need to. Just keep being you. Keep shining your light in the darkest places to find all of the lost sheep.  One person is worth all the effort.  Never let the enemy win.  Satan will destroy everything you build if you let him.   Believe that.   Keep your peace  Remember I love your faces. 💗A.Levesque 

Forgive - Be The Person Who Starts The Ripple!

Hey, it's Ashley again.  So with all this free time, I have been making some serious observations in society.  I have definitely come to the conclusion, I have been put on this Earth to help people that are young, lost and need direction.  I am not your typical adult.  I have found that since the television has come out, and technology has taken over the serious information has somehow gotten lost.  So if you ARE YOUNG DUMB AND NEED DIRECTION, subscribe.  I will educate you and humor you.  I will answer any question you send me, especially if I get to include it in my blog.  Email, Guess what I am going to make you read too.  It's good for your lazy asses.  I promise to include a picture in every single post though, so you have something to reflect on.

Do you think your parents suck?  Was your life super shitty beyond repair?  Do you wonder how you are even alive?  Me too.  You want to know a secret, your parents can answer the question the same way you do. Do you even know anything about them?  Parents shelter you from evils, but they don't prepare you for them very well either.  Don't be angry, be accountable.  Take action and make the change.  You literally came out with no warning labels.  So did they.  This post isn't necessarily just for young people, it has applied to even my oldest of friends.  If you are angry at your parents, STOP IT!

Your parents love you.  Instead of waiting for them, take action. They are lost just like you.  They cry, worry, lose sleep, try their best, feel insecure, and they also wonder how they make it through the day.  I find that even though I am older, my brain still feels like it is young and dumb.  Communication is lost in this society of phones and tv screens everywhere.  Go to your mom's house, if she lives far away call her.  Stop hating the people who brought you into this world and start loving them for who they are.

One of the first steps to growing up is to let go of what is holding you back.  If you're angry at your parents try to empathize with them.  Find out where they grew up and what they went through.  The best way to understand something is to get educated about it.  If they aren't here, I hope you can find the heart to see that their lives were not easy because life is not easy for anyone.  I know that every question I have ever asked my parents (and my in-laws) they have always answered me.  Everyone is just scared to ask.  

Start the cycle.
Be the change.
Be the person who starts the ripple.
Love is the only way for anyone, more like everyone can start to healing.

Love you
A. Levesque

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