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A.Levesque #60 - Time

 The one thing you spend you can never get back.  Tonight, I'm thinking life is to short to worry, you realize this.  Turn your worry into prayer.  See how things manifest exactly the way they are intended. I didn't say the way you wanted, that is not really how this works.  There's a big plan you know nothing about and you don't need to. Just keep being you. Keep shining your light in the darkest places to find all of the lost sheep.  One person is worth all the effort.  Never let the enemy win.  Satan will destroy everything you build if you let him.   Believe that.   Keep your peace  Remember I love your faces. 💗A.Levesque 

A.Levesque #23 - How Does It End? - Happiness

Life seems to never ever hesitate in giving me things to do. If life is easy on you, then call me I will give you something to do.  I do want to thank every single person in my life at this exact moment.  Since I started writing my blog, I have been overwhelmed with the support from so many directions.  I am happy to be sharing, helping and changing people.  It just reiterates that you need to find your purpose, your people, and your happiness!  It is so worth it.


Do you know that feeling you get when something is wrong?  That instinct that there is just something off with a person or situation.  The feeling when someone gives you the creeps.  That feeling that something is just not right.

In all situations, this feeling can happen.  It is something that can not be articulated, but you feel it.  Somewhere deep inside.  Unexplainable.  Listening to this feeling and following it should be something that you strive for.  

I have been reading a lot about working from the inside out, and not the outside in.  Do you know that everyone feels scared to change?  It is scary to start something and to chase what will make you happy.  Every single time, it will be worth it. 

The first "inside to the out" decision I made was joining the military.  I am not saying sign up.  I am saying that where I was in life when I made this decision.

I was 20.  Everyone I hung out with was starting to get into harder drugs then interested me.  I was broke and serving at a Bob Evans.  I had an apartment and was in the process of not being able to pay for it.  My apartment barely had any furniture in it.  I felt like I was starving to survive.  

This was the first real decision I had to make where I listened to myself more than the outside influences, and guess what I was right.  Joining the military is not like a generation to generation tradition in my family.  They weren't overly excited.  They were always proud, but if they could have kept me they would of.  

It was like I just saw a glimpse of what my life could be.  I saw that maybe I don't have to end up a waitress trying to dodge trouble in my hometown in order to be a functioning adult.  I wasn't great in school, because let's be honest I never went.  My recruiter, great man, he convinced me that I could do it.  When I left his office, I was positive in my heart this was my way out.  This is where I was supposed to be.

Now looking back, I don't know how I made it to the plane.  

Remember how I told you, I was naughty as a teenager with minimal supervision and a rebellious heart.  Imagine that girl going to her family and friends and saying I am going to join the Air Force.  

Not all the discouragement came in the form of negativity.  
Some people were just genuinely sad to see me go.  

If I had listened to these people who THOUGHT they knew what was best for me, I wouldn't have even taken the risk.  I would have stayed where I was and never changed anything.  I would have regretted so much.  

After only 10 minutes of being in San Antonio, I found out that didn't make me happy either.  During my commitment, I learned so much.  Mostly about patience.  This choice to do what I wanted started a chain reaction of confidence.  The confidence that the decisions I made for myself based on my "gut" instinct were right.   

Obviously, I have come along way from the day I left home.  Without knowing a single person, I went in hopes that something would change.  Something had to change.  I refused to give up on myself, and my life.  I was not going to be unhappy.  


It is possible that every day you can wake up happy.  LET ME SAY IT AGAIN.
You can wake up happy every single day.  

You are in control of that.  You don't have to wake up and do what makes you miserable.  You can find a way out.  It doesn't happen overnight, obviously because nothing happens overnight.  But it can happen with one decision.  

One decision to start a change.  One decision to make a change.  

Then just see how far you can go...

Love You