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A.Levesque # 54 - Big Life Decisions

  Matthew 18:20 Man, don't we all wish we could predict what was going to happen next week much less a year out.  Can you imagine that knowledge?  Do you think it would make you work harder or motivate yourself more. Live the life you want by making it.  Sometimes we think we have it all figured out and here comes God and his will.  What is right to do and actually be compassionate to others. How angry are you?  Compassion How unforgiving are you? Compassion Spending ten minutes with someone's problems and you would want yours back in a heart beat.  A day in another's shoes would put your life in perspective. We all fall short. We all are capable of pulling ourselves up. Make sure to be living the life you were meant to and quit worrying about the rest of it.  Everything works out. Love your faces. ❤️A.Levesque 

Do you deserve forgiveness?

How many of you have been wronged by someone you love?

The topic I would like to discuss today is forgiveness.  I have touched on the topic in a previous post very briefly trying to help you see things from another's point of view (empathy).  In the article, I touched on parents and trying to understand what problems that they had to endure through.  That article just jumped to the front of the line and did not really explain some other very important details that will help you to forgive yourself and others.  

The most important detail is YOU ARE NOT PERFECT.

I want you to think back about something that you have done that was wrong to someone you love.  Can you actually give reasons or excuses as to why you did it?  

Did you say, "I did it because something they did?"
Did you say, "I did it because I was wrong?"

Do you react to people by hurting them, or is hurting them a choice you make?  I don't want you to give me an answer unless it's in the comments :-).  I want you to think. 

I want you to think about yourself.  
I want you to think about your actions.  

Think about all the wrong things that you have done yourself, and the reason you have done them.  It is impossible to ask for forgiveness from the people you love if you are unwilling to offer them the forgiveness they need to love and grow.

Actually taking accountability of yourself and the things that you are doing is the first step to forgiveness.  I truly believe that in my soul.  If you are not taking accountability for the wrong you have done, at least with yourself.  You will never be able to start forgiving yourself and those around you.  


I want to show you that it is not just you.  After reading through some interesting information I came across a study done all around the world with a range of demographics.  

84.7% say there isn't enough forgiveness in the world.  If you read through the study you will see families aren't forgiving, people aren't forgiving, and even our environment is unforgiving.  

I think that in order to achieve happiness, you must first learn to forgive.  I would love to hear stories of inspiration if you ever wanted to shoot them to me.  

Love you, 
A. Levesque

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