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A Levesque #61 - Last Rope

 I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I have built up inside of me lately.  This is going to be personal mainly because God gifted me with the ability to not care about your opinion, and this blog isn't for people who know me per se.  It's mainly for my children so they can look and see everything will work out.   NO MATTER WHAT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HOPE. I've been struggling. Never have I seen such selfishness. Never have I seen so much greed. Never have I seen so much betrayal.  Never have I seen families ripped apart because of ego and pride.   My house and my family will not be torn apart in the process.  We serve the Lord, and no weapon formed against us will prosper.  We are formed on a rock, not sand to blow away when trials come our way.   Somedays will be hard. Shit, somedays are hard. Somedays it will rain. Then, Somedays the sun will shine so bright you'll forget that it was ever raining.  Never give up on those you love.   Pray for them from

A.Levesque #52 - Feeling shattered, its okay.


Feeling a little shattered by disappointment, or frustration lately.  

Oh darling to I hear you loud and clear.  
You are not alone.

Yes that is my computer screen.  
So who even knows what this post will end up looking like from my phone.  I just want to come in and say a few things.

You are who you ARE.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Do not let yourself believe what other people think.  You are unique for a reason.  Rejection, Disappointment, Frustration, they do not have the power to come steal up that joy.  

Whatever you are, be proud.
Whatever you believe, stand firm.
Whatever you think, do not give in to the idea that you yourself have to fit into a box.  

You weren't meant to live that way.
You are meant to flourish and be loved.
Treated with kindness and fairness.
You are meant to be surrounded by truthful wonderful people who make you a better person.  

Always follow your intuition and your spiritual and literal guidance. 

Remember live like today could be it, people are dying out there.
Love your faces ♥️


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