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A.Levesque # 54 - Big Life Decisions

  Matthew 18:20 Man, don't we all wish we could predict what was going to happen next week much less a year out.  Can you imagine that knowledge?  Do you think it would make you work harder or motivate yourself more. Live the life you want by making it.  Sometimes we think we have it all figured out and here comes God and his will.  What is right to do and actually be compassionate to others. How angry are you?  Compassion How unforgiving are you? Compassion Spending ten minutes with someone's problems and you would want yours back in a heart beat.  A day in another's shoes would put your life in perspective. We all fall short. We all are capable of pulling ourselves up. Make sure to be living the life you were meant to and quit worrying about the rest of it.  Everything works out. Love your faces. ❤️A.Levesque 

Society - They are wrong about you.

My unlikely inspiration of the day comes from an unlikely source and not where I would have thought.  I was watching a video that I will share on my social platforms.  In this video I was watching, the gentleman goes into his rags to riches story.  In this story, he started going into his five rules of life which are quite awesome, definitely a good watch.  I will post the link below.

He elaborates all through the first two and as I start to connect, he slaps number three right in my face.


I have never done anything life changing without someone saying I couldn't do it.  I remember the day I signed on the dotted line to sign up to serve in the United States Air Force, that was like a naysaying reunion.  Family, friends, and coworkers all had a preconception about me.

They thought they knew my capabilities.
They thought they knew my skills.
They thought they knew what was best for me.
They thought they knew how I would react.
They thought they knew how I wouldn't be able to adjust.
They thought they knew that I would get in trouble.
They thought they knew that I would get kicked out.
They thought they knew that I would mess something up.
They thought they knew that if I made this decision it was going to ruin my life.

Little did they know

I was sick and tired.  I was dying for an escape from the evil place which we all come from.  That is at least how I looked at it back then.  For once in my life, I had finally listened to myself instead of everyone.  So when Arnie says, don't listen to the naysayers I can totally relate.

I learned what my capabilities were.
I now know what my skills are.
I can say that I am the only one who knows what is best for me.
I am in control of my reactions.
I was able to adapt and overcome.
I didn't get kicked out and sent home.
I actually took the leap and made the biggest jump of my life.
I learned so much about myself.

Quit trying to explain yourself to people who will always find fault.
Quit trying to please people who don't matter at the end of the day.

Everyone in your life will go either before or when you die.  The only person that you will have the entire time is yourself.  The biggest regret that people have is not doing things because of what others thought.  People told Arnold that he would never be a bodybuilder.  Can you believe that?  People said he could never act.  Can you believe that from the terminator?
The point is they were wrong about Arnold, and they are wrong about you.

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