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A Levesque #61 - Last Rope

 I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I have built up inside of me lately.  This is going to be personal mainly because God gifted me with the ability to not care about your opinion, and this blog isn't for people who know me per se.  It's mainly for my children so they can look and see everything will work out.   NO MATTER WHAT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HOPE. I've been struggling. Never have I seen such selfishness. Never have I seen so much greed. Never have I seen so much betrayal.  Never have I seen families ripped apart because of ego and pride.   My house and my family will not be torn apart in the process.  We serve the Lord, and no weapon formed against us will prosper.  We are formed on a rock, not sand to blow away when trials come our way.   Somedays will be hard. Shit, somedays are hard. Somedays it will rain. Then, Somedays the sun will shine so bright you'll forget that it was ever raining.  Never give up on those you love.   Pray for them from

A.Levesque #34 - If you think you are getting old, you are only 34.

The weekend is here, and I am finally 34.  October 20, 1984.

34.  What do you see when you look at my number?

Do you think I am old?
Do you think I am young?
Do you think I am successful?
Do you think I am "where I should be?"

Think of all the preconditions that you think when I tell you I am 34.

Before we start, I don't really mind what you think of me and my age.  I don't judge.  Especially your thoughts and opinions, I spend time trying to understand your thoughts and opinions.

You look at what I have done, and what I haven't done in the time I have been here.  You make opinions on how well my life is going at 34 or how well it isn't at this point.

Then we transfer this thought over to ourselves.  You think about what you were doing at 34, or what you will do when you are 34.  This morning was oh my goodness, I am 34.  I remember when my mom was 34.  Before you know it my kids are going to be 34.

One statement, one fact has so much impact on the things that we think.  Your age dictates so much in your life.  Your age will determine your capabilities in many in many different.  Your age will determine what people expect of you at certain milestones in your life.

There are so many of these statements, these things that we all believe to be true.  When in fact, it is a bunch of bullshit.

I have seen time and time again in my life, it doesn't matter how old you are.

I have seen people at all ages of life at many different points.  I have been a vault of all the people in my life, whether they think they are important or not.  Age is just something we use to measure the time we have.

I have seen 34 year olds that are millionaires.
I have seen 34 year olds that were six years from retirement.
I have seen 34 year olds that were parents.
I have seen 34 year olds that were not parents.
I have seen 34 year olds become grandparents.
I have seen 34 year olds live at their parents.
I have seen 34 year olds have homes.
I have seen 34 year olds rent apartments.
I have seen 34 year olds in college.
I have seen 34 year olds working at Mcdonalds.
I have seen 34 year olds working 3 jobs at a time.
I have seen 34 year olds that were married and happy.
I have seen 34 year olds that were miserable and married.
I have seen 34 year olds that were single, divorced.

The point of it all is that every single person is different.  They are on a different path and a different journey.

No matter your age, you are alive right now.  You have obstacles.  You have victories.  The idea is that you do what you can with what you have.


I spend my days trying to learn and navigate my way through life.  I have found that the more that I look inside instead of outside the better I feel.

I watched and shared a video on my A.Levesque facebook page.  I love Ted Talks.

Don't worry about how old you are, and get busy making the life you want before the time runs out.  That is the most important lesson to learn, because you don't have as much time as you think.  You could live 70+ years, or you could die tomorrow.

Thanks for reading liking, and sharing.
A. Levesque