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A Levesque #61 - Last Rope

 I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I have built up inside of me lately.  This is going to be personal mainly because God gifted me with the ability to not care about your opinion, and this blog isn't for people who know me per se.  It's mainly for my children so they can look and see everything will work out.   NO MATTER WHAT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HOPE. I've been struggling. Never have I seen such selfishness. Never have I seen so much greed. Never have I seen so much betrayal.  Never have I seen families ripped apart because of ego and pride.   My house and my family will not be torn apart in the process.  We serve the Lord, and no weapon formed against us will prosper.  We are formed on a rock, not sand to blow away when trials come our way.   Somedays will be hard. Shit, somedays are hard. Somedays it will rain. Then, Somedays the sun will shine so bright you'll forget that it was ever raining.  Never give up on those you love.   Pray for them from

A.Levesque #33 - It's OK to BE sad...

I started this blog to spread happiness.  I was overjoyed to share all these "life" experiences with an audience that struggled to find happiness in their own lives.  Happiness was something that I had ahold of, finally.

Then it seems that life has a way of knocking you down a little.  No matter how well you plan, no matter how much discipline you have, and no matter how good of a person you are there will always be situations that take a toll on your soul.
Life is working your soul and it has a way of teaching you lessons.
In ways that you may not understand.

Its okay to not be able to see your way out.  
Its okay to be sad about the circumstances you are in.
Its okay to be angry that people are hurting you.
Its okay to be lost.

Believing that something will come out of the chaos.
That is what makes or breaks us all.  

Can you believe that you will make it out?
Can you believe that you will find a way?
Can you believe that you are going to succeed?
Can you believe that everything will come out in the wash?

The idea that some things are out of your control is something that you will have to come to terms with, eventually.  
There will always be a way for you to succeed.  
There will always be someone who can help you.  
Keep looking until you find that person.  

You have to keep trying.  
You have to keep going.  
You have to keep looking.
You have to keep working.


Have you been out looking for your people?  Remember the ones, who will love you for real.  These people are going to help you in the times when you feel like you cannot make it out.  When you are sad, they will listen to you.  When you are angry, they will listen to you.  These people will be there to love and support you in more ways that you can even appreciate.


Everything will eventually find its way to you.  There are many places that speak about having faith, and its importance.  Take it one step at a time.  Do not overthink.  
Do not worry about things that you cannot do anything about, right at this moment.  This one gets me.  I just have a hard time stopping.  Everyone needs a break.  Even YOU.  

Lose your mind in the things that do bring you happiness. 

Spend time doing things that you love (writing, lol).  Try to stay focused and moving towards your goal, whatever that may be.  

WORKOUT, it really makes you feel better.
STRETCH, it also will make you feel better.
HUG SOMEBODY, this is a good one and makes two people feel better.  Hugging benefits, by Erica Cirino 

Try to stay happy in a world of assholes.  
I know it can be hard, but we will all make it together.  

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