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A Levesque #61 - Last Rope

 I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I have built up inside of me lately.  This is going to be personal mainly because God gifted me with the ability to not care about your opinion, and this blog isn't for people who know me per se.  It's mainly for my children so they can look and see everything will work out.   NO MATTER WHAT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE HOPE. I've been struggling. Never have I seen such selfishness. Never have I seen so much greed. Never have I seen so much betrayal.  Never have I seen families ripped apart because of ego and pride.   My house and my family will not be torn apart in the process.  We serve the Lord, and no weapon formed against us will prosper.  We are formed on a rock, not sand to blow away when trials come our way.   Somedays will be hard. Shit, somedays are hard. Somedays it will rain. Then, Somedays the sun will shine so bright you'll forget that it was ever raining.  Never give up on those you love.   Pray for them from

A.Levesque #31 - Make Your Own Life

The last week or so I have really been preoccupied with a heavy load of stress.  I haven't written.  Running on no sleep.  No workouts, lots of sugar and quick food.  I have literally run myself completely ragged.  I write to you, and I say when all these terrible things happen, embrace your lessons.

Do you think I did that this week?
In fact, the thought hadn't crossed my mind.
When I really thought about the things that are happening to me and thought about why.  All the stresses that come to me are for me.  I realized that it is my job to do things, and it is my purpose.  
I need to learn to stand up for myself.
I need to learn to never give up.
I need to learn that I am not alone.
I really had to plug in my brain and figure out what I should be doing. 
I wanted to share with you that we all get redirected with the stresses in our lives.  Things will always arise that will make you wonder "How IS this actually happening.  During these difficult times (or what we think are) we must remember to stop and redirect yourself.  Preserve yourself.

You can not fix anything if you are not well.  
If you don't sleep you cannot focus.  
If you don't eat you will exhaust yourself.
Regardless of what is spiraling out of control, you are in control.
You have a choice to let the negativity drive you crazy, or you have a choice to learn change.  

You need to take care of yourself and make the changes.

Everything that causes you to stress in your life is somehow out of sync for you.  We force so many different things into our boxes that we don't even realize that these things do not belong in our box.  STOP FORCING THINGS THAT ARE NOT MEANT FOR YOU.  When we compromise what we think and believe to be true, and we let someone else make these decisions for us. We are giving up ourselves a little at a time.  In the end, you cannot even recognize yourself.

So many people do this.  So many people are sad, judgemental, and miserable.  I want to share a secret if you are still reading.  There are also people in this world who are not sad, who don't judge you and your choices, and who bring happiness to them and the people around them.  Stop spending your time with people who make you feel bad about yourself.  Start looking for the people who make you happy.  You are not stuck with anyone or anything.

You have to decide what kind of person you want to be.
You have to decide what type of people you want in your life. 
You have to decide all of the things in your life.

It is your life, not theirs.  

People will tell you that you sound crazy.
People will tell you it won't work.
Don't listen to them.  Listen to yourself.  
Listen to where your happiness takes you, and follow it.

If you like to write, find a way to write.
If you like to sing, find a way to do that.
The more you work at it, the more results you will see.

Don't let yourself get discouraged.  
Don't let them hold you back or keep you down.

Find your purpose.  Make your own life, because at the end of the day you have to be happy with what you have.  They don't have to be happy, you do.

Thanks to all that are reading, sharing, liking, and commenting on all the platforms.  It is so wonderful to make an impact on people.  Find your journey.  Go after it.  Create your own life. 

I always love to share,
Love You.