Today's Thoughts...

A.Levesque # 54 - Big Life Decisions

  Matthew 18:20 Man, don't we all wish we could predict what was going to happen next week much less a year out.  Can you imagine that knowledge?  Do you think it would make you work harder or motivate yourself more. Live the life you want by making it.  Sometimes we think we have it all figured out and here comes God and his will.  What is right to do and actually be compassionate to others. How angry are you?  Compassion How unforgiving are you? Compassion Spending ten minutes with someone's problems and you would want yours back in a heart beat.  A day in another's shoes would put your life in perspective. We all fall short. We all are capable of pulling ourselves up. Make sure to be living the life you were meant to and quit worrying about the rest of it.  Everything works out. Love your faces. ❤️A.Levesque 

A.Levesque #41 - Who Cares What They Think

Back in front of the screen typing seems almost foreign to me, but yet here we are.  I think I got lost there for a minute.  I totally think that is normal, and if you get lost just jump right back on when you stop spinning out of control.  The only real critic you have is yourself. Everyone else's opinion really doesn't matter. Listening to yourself and what makes you happy is the only way to block out the noise.

So anyways

Hey, how have you been?
Me, struggling to do much of anything.  I am however grateful to be alive and well.  My family is well.  My children have been keeping me busy since the dance competition season is upon us.  It gets so crazy.  I cut some quilting templates out and am going to start some projects for that.

Life gets so hectic sometimes and I think we all get lost in it.

Sometimes I think we have to remember that it is okay to just be breathing.  Sometimes if all you did was make it through the day then YEAH for you!  Tomorrow you will make it too.  Just keep trying to move forward even if you only took a step today.

This week started and I tell you what I had big plans.  I woke up.  Took my happy little ass outside to smoke and when I sat down in my chair I realized that it wasn't as little as I thought.  I will share the pic somewhere else besides here, just go find it.  So here I was pep talking myself all the way out.  You got this girl.  Grab that coffee.  I was feeling like actually writing which has been the last thing on my mind lately.
Next thing you know my butt is sitting directly on the plastic that is not going to hold me for long.  So here I am with my broken seat.

Then this thought crosses my mind.
I can either blame the dollar store seat that broke or I could literally start working out.  Now here we go with some workout thing, but that is what I did.  Instead of wallowing in my big butted tears, I have worked out 4 days this week.
How in the world did I ever think that anything is going to happen without action?
How is my butt going to get smaller if I do not actually do something about it?
I actually have to hold myself accountable.
Don't worry if you are in the same boat, I am going to be rowing for both of us.

I want things, I know you do too.
I think that if I share myself with you that you might see that it is possible.  It does not happen overnight, and I think this is part of why people get lost.  Find a direction to go in, not a destination.
That is what I am good at.
I am probably the most transparent person I know.
I am not shy.  I am not quiet.  I am not that person. 
I want to help myself and you all at the same time.

I have been learning so much about so many different topics since I moved out of my comfort zone.  I am going to be sharing these things and many other things I think that will help us find what we are looking for.

Don't forget to reach out.
Create value for other people.
Never Give Up.

Thanks for coming over to read my blog posts.  I love seeing all of you on my facebook and other places.  I found my way to Twitter, Instagram, and Mix.  That is it.  I feel like a senior citizen now when it comes to this stuff.  Come check me out over in those spots as well.

Love Always.
A. Levesque