Today's Thoughts...

A.Levesque #47 - Sharing Your Story

Well good evening you beautiful people. 
Thank you first of all for clicking my link and taking the time to read my blog. 
 It is always appreciated.  
Still not really selling anything just typing up what I think.  I think that is what I like most about writing :-)
Still trying to get my feet on the ground.

So I was trying to write. 
I sat down a few times.
I realized tonight that I have not written anything here since October.
Trying to wrap my brain around it and this is what I came up with.

Life is so crazy.
It goes in so many different directions at times it is hard to keep up.
I don't think I am alone.
Things can change so rapidly that "normal" doesn't even seem reachable anymore.

I wanted to write tonight about sharing your story.
Don't worry about what other people say about you.
Don't spend your time worrying about other people.
Most things that happen with them are out of your control anyway.
Just love them, and if you have to love them from a distance.
Your peace of mind is worth more.

The more we share and the more we come together the better this experience will be.  I learn new things every single day while I am trying to navigate through this crazy life.   

We've had some really great things happening, and I think that focusing on those things is what really gets people through.  
If you want to do something, go get it.  
Start making the changes you need to get to where you want to be.  
Don't let anyone stop you.  You are amazing.  

Hope you have all been well.
Going to try to be here a little more often.
Remember to come find me out in the social media land, I am in most places.
Have a wonderful new year 2020!!!

Love your faces.