Today's Thoughts...

A.Levesque # 54 - Big Life Decisions

  Matthew 18:20 Man, don't we all wish we could predict what was going to happen next week much less a year out.  Can you imagine that knowledge?  Do you think it would make you work harder or motivate yourself more. Live the life you want by making it.  Sometimes we think we have it all figured out and here comes God and his will.  What is right to do and actually be compassionate to others. How angry are you?  Compassion How unforgiving are you? Compassion Spending ten minutes with someone's problems and you would want yours back in a heart beat.  A day in another's shoes would put your life in perspective. We all fall short. We all are capable of pulling ourselves up. Make sure to be living the life you were meant to and quit worrying about the rest of it.  Everything works out. Love your faces. ❤️A.Levesque 

A.Levesque #50 The Fixer Upper



 I never really thought I would be writing again in my blog.  I pay the fee every year just to keep it there for someone somewhere who may need to read it.  I don't know why.  

Maybe because deep down I love it, I know sharing is caring.  I know I don't want others to ever feel alone even if only one person reads my little perspective, and gets any help out of it.  That is all that matters.

I am a fixer, and I have run into a problem that needs fixing.  To my utmost surprise, it was me.  Time to rassle with my own demons, and get to the end of my rainbow. 

What happens when everyone around you suddenly is better?  You realize that even though you may have contributed to their progress, and even maybe devoted yourself to it you left something out.  YOUR OWN DAMN ASS HEALING...

To The Fixer Upper, 

Yeah I am talking to you and you and don't worry me too, the one where everyone turns when the answers need to be found.  

You have them.  
You chose not to use them but only for yourself.
You freely help others to find yourself drowning in darkness.
Why are you so comfortable in the darkness, while guiding people to the light?  

You deserve this and we are no longer accepting no for an answer, screams the angels from inside.

AND Here I am.  

Feeling like the soldier in the hole.  With no one with the right tools to get me out.
The Fixer-Upper is in dire need of fixing up.
Everyone knows that my journey is always an open book, and I speak my truths when I am ready. 
I have really been hit in the face with my own time for healing.  

If you are finding yourself lost and in need of some fixing.
Give yourself grace, because we all make mistakes.  
Be real honest, and look that face in the mirror.  It is your time to make everything you ever wanted happen.  God will fix all the cracks and holes you don't even know where to begin with.  He will send you exactly what you need.  Just give yourself grace.  Show yourself mercy, you are only human.  Even if you can not understand how you will get there, remember all you have to do is keep believing and working and the pieces will all fall into place.
Never lose hope.
Never give in.
Good things are headed your way.
God loves you and so do I.  

Remember don't be an asshole, people are dying out there.
Love your faces 
💙A. Levesque