Today's Thoughts...

A.Levesque #60 - Time

 The one thing you spend you can never get back.  Tonight, I'm thinking life is to short to worry, you realize this.  Turn your worry into prayer.  See how things manifest exactly the way they are intended. I didn't say the way you wanted, that is not really how this works.  There's a big plan you know nothing about and you don't need to. Just keep being you. Keep shining your light in the darkest places to find all of the lost sheep.  One person is worth all the effort.  Never let the enemy win.  Satan will destroy everything you build if you let him.   Believe that.   Keep your peace  Remember I love your faces. 💗A.Levesque 

A.Levesque #57 - Quit hating on them.

 Personal life stories are always our favorite, right?  Well, let me tell you something, wishing someone ill will when they are struggling is not okay.  You will be judged as you judge others, please do not fail to understand this.

There are people in your life who are struggling.
They are struggling in a hard way.  
Then it gets worse and worse for them.
Do not add to their demise but pray for them.

How would you like to be in their shoes?
Just because you are not struggling now does not mean that you will not be struggling again.  
You are not immune to the struggles of life.
If you do not humble your soul to feel sorry for your enemies who struggle, you are losing your way.

We are to love our enemies and I know I am getting Godly on you, but guess what it's almost the reason for the season.  SO guess what you are definitely going to hear it today.  

People are struggling and hurting.  Quit being in the wrong.
Wrong side of judgment.
You are worth it.
You can make it through anything sent to you to destroy you.
You have to keep faith.
You have to have hope. 
You have to let the light in.
You have to be accountable.  

Things can and will always be better and you've made it through every day meant to destroy you.
Keep your heads up.
Love your faces, 
❤️ A.Levesque